Asticou b. ? d. ? 
Chief 1616 to ?

Chief Asticou was the son of Chief Bashabez. There is little documentation about Chief Asticou other than his name. Chief Asticou, like many Chiefs of his time, obtained the position through his father. This system of hereditary Chiefs continued until the 1850s (See Joseph Attean.) It is assumed that Chief Asticou was either killed in the Beaver Wars (Mohawk Wars) in the mid-17th century or that he died from the diseases that plagued Native American communities throughout Maine and the Maritimes. Two major waves of diseases in his lifetime were from 1616 to 1619, directly after his father's death , and later from 1632 to 1634. Small pox, influenza and yellow fever killed 75 to 90 percent of Native Americans in Maine.