river 1


BRANCH 4: (questions and answers)


Here we will use what we learned in the previous exercises and combine plurals with numbers, animals, and people. These will be tools to answer each question. There are two ways of asking each question depending on what you are asking about.



Question 1

How many are there?



2 of them

3 of them

4 of them

5 of them

nəkʷətαs kehsəwak
6 many of them

tαpawαs kehsəwak
7 many of them

nsὰsok kehsəwak
8 many of them

noli kehsəwak
9 many of them

mətala kehsəwak
10 many of them





July 21, 1857

Author and Transendentalist Henry David Thoreau comes to Indian Island and hires Joe Polis for a journey to Moosehead Lake, the West Branch of Penobscot, the Allagash, East Branch of Penobscot, and then back down the main branch of the Penobscot River.