river 1


(introducing self)


Here we will learn a couple of ways we can talk about how we are named. When we travel to other nations and within our own communities it is important we can address ourselves in owr own language.


In this exercise say your name in the blank.


nətəli-wisi... (my name is...)


...,nətəli-wisi (...,my name is.)




Note how the "n" beginning means my and the "k" beginning means your, just like in the body parts.


kekʷ kətəli-wisi'  (what is your name?)


In this exercise say your name in the blank.


ni eli-wisəya... (that's what I'm called...)


...ni eli-wisəya (...that's what I'm called)



ni eli-wisəyan... (that's what your called...)


...ni eli-wisəyan (...that's what your called)



September 17, 1853

Guiding Henry David Thoreau on Pine Stream, a tributary of the West Branch of the Penobscot River, Joseph Attean kills a moose.