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kəya na kikawəss'     

is that your mother?

ahα, neya na nikaəss    
yes, that's my mother

are you happy?

ahα, nolitəhαsi   
yes, i am happy wəči-wəlitəhαsi    
...that's why ɪ'm happy

kekʷ wəči-ahtα wəlitəhαsiwan' 
why are you not happy?

ni wəči-ahtα wəlitəhαsiwa    
that's why I'm not happy

April 7, 1604

French cartographer Samuel de Champlain leaves from France with a French nobleman, Pierre Du Gua De Monts, for Maine. They entered the Bay of Fundy by May, and later Champlain would meet Penobscot Chief Bashabez at the mouth of the Kenduskeag Stream on the Penobscot River.