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kəya na kikawəss'     

is that your mother?

ahα, neya na nikaəss    
yes, that's my mother

are you happy?

ahα, nolitəhαsi   
yes, i am happy wəči-wəlitəhαsi    
...that's why ɪ'm happy

kekʷ wəči-ahtα wəlitəhαsiwan' 
why are you not happy?

ni wəči-ahtα wəlitəhαsiwa    
that's why I'm not happy

July 21, 1857

Author and Transendentalist Henry David Thoreau comes to Indian Island and hires Joe Polis for a journey to Moosehead Lake, the West Branch of Penobscot, the Allagash, East Branch of Penobscot, and then back down the main branch of the Penobscot River.